Pawtuckaway Lake Real Estate

Pawtuckaway Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in all of New Hampshire. The 783-acre lake stretches about 10 miles northeast into Nottingham, known as Pawtucket Pond by locals. It offers various recreational opportunities for those looking to get away from everyday life and enjoy nature at its best.

Pawtuckaway Lake is a pristine natural wonder that offers plenty of room for exploration. The lake’s three islands, Big Island, Log Cabin Island, and Horse Island are all worth exploring in your kayak or canoe to find nature’s hidden gems. There are also many smaller islets scattered around the water, so it never gets boring! Plus, with its north outlet flowing into the Bean River and southbound diverting towards the Pawtuckaway River, this little gem packs quite an adventure.

The Pawtuckaway State Park & Campground, in New Hampshire, is a great place for all ages. Visitors and residents are welcome to experience many activities at this lake, including boating, fishing, swimming, hiking along its shores, or camping overnight in tents! Residents and visitors of this park are encouraged to take advantage of its natural beauty and low admission fee. For just $4, adults have access to various hiking trails that showcase history (and more) in Nottingham, New Hampshire. Children under five can don’t have to pay a dime if they are accompanied by a paying adult, while New Hampshire residents age 65 or older get in free.

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About Pawtuckaway Lake

Pawtuckaway Pond is a picturesque body of water that lies just 30 minutes from Nottingham, NH. The pond is also close to Exeter Hospital and the Portsmouth International Airport, making it both accessible for locals and travelers looking for an outdoor getaway.

A large body of water stretches across 784 acres and reaches up to 50 feet in depth. While its size can be intimidating at first, the atmosphere surrounding this lake will relax you as soon as you enter it. There’s something about Pawtuckaway Pond that feels perfect for any activity- whether your goal is relaxation or adventure.

Pawtuckaway Pond is a great destination for outdoor activities, especially for those looking to escape bustling city life. The nearby town of Nottingham boasts beautiful hiking trails that wind through Pawtuckaway State Park and plenty of other attractions like Jenness Farms, where visitors can buy goat milk beauty products or do some yoga among goats.

With so many options for entertainment and recreation, residents around Pawtuckaway Pond are never bored. There’s plenty to do on the lake itself! Swimming is a popular option and fishing- there’s even bass and crappie in these waters that fishers will enjoy targeting.