Hills Pond Real Estate

Hills Pond is 93 acres large and 40 feet deep and is located only seven miles from Alton Bay. This warm water pond is located near many beautiful scenic mountainous roads. This pond has no public access and therefore it is the perfect place to own a lake house so that you and your family can have access to this beautiful pond. There are many quaint, peaceful and beautiful lake houses on the shoreline of Hills Pond. Hills Pond is the perfect destination for a tranquil getaway from the buzz of the city.

There are a countless number of recreational activities which can be enjoyed on Hills Pond, there are many species of bass available for fishing. In the summer months visitors can enjoy water skiing, walks on the shoreline of the lake, sunbathing on the beaches of the lake and enjoying walks around the lake. In the colder months one can still enjoy the natural beauty with a walk around the lake. Fishing is one of those sports which can be enjoyed any time of the year.

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