Hermit Lake Real Estate

Hermit Lake is 176 acres big and 49 feet deep. Hermit Lake is located in Sanbornton in the New Hampshire Lake Region. This lake is small, quaint and has rocky, coarse yet beautiful beaches.

There are countless fun things to do on Hermit Lake including a private beach where visitors can sunbath, read in the sun or take a walk on the soft sand. This lake also allows swimming which means that visitors can always enjoy a refreshing swim in Hermit Lake. There are also many species of fish at Hermit Lake including Bass, Yellow Perch and Pickerel. For those who like boating and sports such as water skiing, the lake has one public boat launch which is easily accessible but it should be noted that there are certain boating restrictions on Hermit Lake. There are many beautiful lake houses available on the shore of Hermit Lake and it is sure to be the relaxing, tranquil holiday housing which you may be looking for.

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