Crescent Lake Real Estate

Crescent Lake is a beautifully scenic lake which is 116 acres big. This lake is located in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. This lake is the perfect vacation spot as it allows one to get the pleasure of peace and quiet while still being close enough to town to enjoy other recreation. This lake is famous for being clean and perfect for recreational activities like water skiing. There are many opportunities for recreation available near Crescent Lake including fishing, canoeing, sailing, picnicking, kayaking, hiking on some of the beautiful walking routes as well as camping and viewing wild life. There are beautiful hiking routes all around the lake. The lake also offers a public boat access point for those who want to enjoy some water sport fun.

This lake and the relevant properties on the shore of this lake are the perfect place to enjoy some time out from the business of everyday life and the surrounding cities. A lake house on the coast of this lake is sure to be the cause of many great vacation memories. There is also a Crescent Pond in Unity/Actworth that is about 128 acres in size.

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