Balch Lake Real Estate

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Balch Lake, situated in New Hampshire is a real natural beauty. This lake is 704 acres big and it borders both New Hampshire as well as Maine. The area of the lake which extends into New Hampshire is known as the Stump Pond and is enjoyed by hundreds of people every year for its natural beauty. There are many beautiful lake houses on the edge of the lake, which includes houses in the neighborhoods of Action, Shapleigh and Newfield. The lake was built in 1900 and has only grown more beautiful since it was created. There are many beautiful animals and birds to be enjoyed at Balch Lake, specifically the famous Loon which is an aquatic bird which looks like a large duck. Be sure to look out for Loons if you ever end up visiting Balch Lake.

There is something to enjoy every season at the Black Lake, this lake can be enjoyed for water skiing, fishing, biking around the lake, enjoying the sun on the shoreline of the lake. This lake is perfect for those who enjoy boating and water sports as the lake has no boat restrictions. A lake house on Balch Lake is the perfect destination for anyone seeking a tranquil holiday retreat away from the business of the city.