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Warner is a town located in central New Hampshire in the Merrimack Valley region of the state. It is situated in the Western part of Merrimack County and encompasses a total area of 55.9 square miles, .2 of which is water. As of the 2010 Unite State Census, Warner was home to 2,833 people.

The land that comprises Warner was first granted in 1735 by Massachusetts Governor Jonathan Belcher. At the time, it was called “Number One,” and was given to settlers from Amesbury, Massachusetts. The settlers moved to rename the area New Amesbury, in honor of their hometown, not long after. In 1749, the land was regranted by the Masonian proprietors and named Jennesstown. Unfortunately, the area was abandoned during the French and Indian War and subsequently destroyed. The land was granted for a third time in 1767 and called Amesbury. It wasn?t until the town was officially incorporated in 1774 that it became known as Warner, in honor of local citizen Jonathan Warner.

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Less than 1 percent of Warner’s total area is made up of water. The town includes parts of Lane River and Warner River, and its highest point lies at Mount Kearsarge, where elevation reaches 2,937 feet above sea level. Warner is served by New Hampshire Routes 103, 114 and 127, as well as Interstate 89. Neighboring towns include Wilmot, Andover, Salisbury, Webster, Hopkinton, Henniker, Sutton and Bradford.

Warner is governed by an elected Board of Selectmen. The town boasts a full-time police department, a volunteer fire department and volunteer emergency medical services. Children in the area attend schools in the Kearsarge Regional School District, which also serves the nearby towns of Bradford, Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sutton and Wilmot. For recreation and entertainment, Warner residents can take advantage of the town’s municipal parks, tennis courts, museums, youth organizations, sports leagues, fishing and hunting areas, snowmobile trails and local beaches and waterfront areas.