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Fremont is a town that is located in the Southeastern corner of New Hampshire, within the Seacoast region of the state. The town is situated in central Rockingham County and encompasses a total area of 17.4 square miles, of which 17.1 square miles island. The remaining .3 square miles is made up of inland water areas, accounting for only about 2 percent of the town’s area. As of 2011, the total population was 4,297.

The town was first settled in 1720s and was originally a part of Poplin, an area of Brentwood. Poplin was incorporated as its own town in the year 1764. In 1854, Fremont received its current name to honor General John C. Fremont, the first Republican Party candidate in the presidential election of 1856 and the first territorial governor of Arizona.

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Fremont is a comprised of about 98 percent land, is drained by the Exeter River and fully rests within the Piscataqua River watershed. The town’s highest point is located at an unnamed summit, where the elevation reaches 322 feet. The summit can be found at Fremont’s western border.

The town is governed by an elected Board of Selectmen. Younger children in the area attend school in the Freemont School District, which provides education for all children from kindergarten through eighth grade. Older students are then sent to attend classes at Sanborn Regional School District. Freemont has a full-time police department, a part-time fire department and part-time emergency medical services. The biggest employers in the area include United Machine & Tool, Fremont Pizzeria, Collins Pattern & Mold, Action Auto Body, Fremont Welding and Schreiber’s Auto Body. Fremont boasts a number of recreational attractions, including municipal parks, youth organizations, a plethora of youth sports opportunities, fishing and hunting, snowmobile paths and bicycle trails. The city is noted to be the hometown of the female rock group The Shaggs.