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Epping is a town that is located in the Southeastern corner of New Hampshire, within the Seacoast region of the state. The town is situated in Northern Rockingham County and encompasses a total area of 26.2 square miles, of which 26 square miles is land. The remaining .2 square miles is made up of inland water areas, accounting for less than 1 percent of the town’s area. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the area’s population was 6,411.

The town of Epping was first incorporated in the year 1741 and was one of the last towns given a charter by Massachusetts Governor Jonathan Belcher before New Hampshire was established as its own individual province. It is believed that Epping was named after Epping Forest, a suburb in London where many royals went deer hunting. Three of New Hampshire’s governors have resided in Epping over the years: William Plumer, David Morrill, and Benjamin Franklin Prescott.

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Epping is a comprised of over 99 percent land, is drained by the Lamprey and Piscassic rivers and fully rests within the Piscataqua River watershed. The town’s highest point can be found at the peak of Kennard Hill, where the elevation reaches 472 feet. Kennard Hill can be found at the Northwest corner of Epping.

Epping is governed by an elected Board of Selecmen. Children attend schools in the Epping School District, which includes one elementary school, one middle school and one high school. Epping has a full-time police department; a full-time, part-time and volunteer fire department; and full-time, part-time and volunteer emergency medical services. The biggest employers in the area include Wal-Mart, Epping Elementary and High Schools, McDonalds, Errco, Burger King and Wendy’s. Epping boasts a number of recreational attractions, including municipal parks, outdoor tennis courts, museums, cinemas, youth organizations, a plethora of youth sports opportunities and bicycle trails