Lake Winnipesaukee Towns

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Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and at 44,000 acres it is the third largest lake in New England following Lake Champlain (271,000 acres) in Vermont and Moosehead Lake (75,471 acres) in Maine. There is one city and seven towns around Lake Winnipesaukee, each one having it’s own benefits.

The city of Laconia has a population of 16,581 and is on the southwestern corner of the Lake. Laconia’s history is rich with manufacturing in the last century. It’s easily to access via Route 106 and 15 minutes from Exit 20 off Interstate 93. Two popular gated communities, South Down Shores and Long Bay, border Paugus Bay which connects to Lake Winnipesaukee in Weirs Beach. For more information about Laconia, visit the official city web site at The property tax rate for 2020 is $19.72 per $1,000 of assessed value.

Just north of Laconia is the town of Meredith. With a population of 6,415 (2018), Meredith is one of the more popular lakeside towns due in part to it’s walkable Main Street area and public docks making it a boaters destination for dining and shopping. There are several great restaurants and hotels in the Meredith Bay area and it’s a beautiful place to visit year round. Sometimes the traffic can get backed up on busy weekends. You can access Meredith from Exit 23 off I-93. A large fishing derby is held in February on Meredith Bay. The 2020 property tax rate is $14.02/$1,000 and the town web site is at

Center Harbor is located on the western edge of Lake Winnipesaukee and has a population of around 1,100 (2018). Like Meredith, Center Harbor’s ‘downtown’ is accessible by water but it’s much smaller in comparison. There are a few shops and eating options within walking distance but it’s not nearly as commercial as Meredith due to it’s smaller size. Center Harbor also borders Squam Lake on the west as well and is accessible via the Ashland exit off Interstate 93, Exit 24. The 2020 property tax rate is $15.33/$1,000 and the town web site is here.

Moving clockwise around Lake Winnipesaukee and traveling north from Center Harbor, the next town is Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Moultonborough has a population of 4,161 people and due to it’s geography, much of the town is on the shore of the lake. This part of the lake often is quieter and has less boat traffic than the southern parts of the lake. Moultonborough has a great little old-time country store as well worth a visit. The property tax rate is one of the lowest in the State due to the high number of second homes and the school district has an excellent reputation. The 2020 tax rate is only $7.13/$1,000 and the town’s web site is located at

East of Moultonborough and on the northern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee is the town of Tuftonboro with an estimated population of 2,409. It too has one of the lowest tax rates in New Hampshire at $9.56/$1,000 of assessed value. Due to it’s location, Tuftonboro is not as easy to get to as the southern lake towns and is further from the interstate. The northern part of the town is part of the Ossipee Mountains and Mirror Lake and Dan Hole Pond are part of Tuftonboro as well. The town web site is located here.

Billed as “The Oldest Summer Resort in America”, Wolfeboro, New Hampshire is located on the northeast corner of Lake Winnipesaukee and has a population of 6,389. Much like Meredith across the Lake, Wolfeboro has a very quaint and walkable Main Street area easily accessible by boat. There are several restaurants and shops to explore, many with beautiful views of Wolfeboro Bay. Due to it’s eastern location on the lake, Wolfeboro is access by Route 28. The tax rate is $13.01 per $1,000 in assessed property value and the official chamber of commerce web site is here.

Just south of Wolfeboro is the town of Alton with a population of 5,335. Alton encompasses the eastern most part of Lake Winnipesaukee as well as Alton Bay, a four mile long inlet. There are some restaurants in Alton Bay and public boat ramp. Mount Major is a popular hike in Alton that gives you panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the Sandwich Mountain range to the north. Alton is easily accessible by Routes 28 and 11. The property tax rate is currently $13.95/$1,000 and the town web site is here.

The town of Gilford, New Hampshire resides on the southern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. It sits between the city of Laconia to the west and the town of Alton to the east and is easy to access via Routes 106 and 11. Gilford has a population of 7,194 and has a charming ‘main street’ area. Gilford residents have access to a private beach and boat docks which gives everyone in town access to the lake. The Laconia airport is located in Gilford right next to the Bank of NH Pavilion which is an 8000 seat amphitheatre that hosts several well known bands through the season. Gilford’s property tax rate is currently $15.03 / $1,000 of assessed property value and the town’s web site is located here.

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