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Your Home Search Request Was Received

I appreciate the chance to help you find your next New Hampshire home. I will follow up with you as soon as possible to schedule a time to speak by phone and learn more your home requirements.

In the mean time, please read the information below so that you can become familiar with the real estate forms, disclosures and processes in New Hampshire.

I have included links to some sample forms you will see in your the NH home buying process. Much of the information below represents what you can expect when working with me. I have worked with buyers from all around the globe with a wide variety of real estate experiences. Below I have attempted to share some insight on how the process works in New Hampshire and how I approach the home buying process. Every transaction is different, of course, but I hope this gives you a little insight on the services you can expect from me. Some of my past client's have shared their experiences and I welcome you to read them as well.

Agency Relationships

New Hampshire Agency Disclosure - this form is a two page disclosure that all NH REALTORS must give to both buyer and seller customers upon first contact. Some agents hesitate to give this disclosure to customers, especially when they first meet. They may worry about scaring people away but the truth is, this document is only a disclosure. By signing it, you are simply acknowledging you have received a copy and reviewed the differences between a customer and a client in terms of agency relationships. I'll ask you to read this form and sign it before we discuss your real estate goals so please take a moment right now to look it over and let me know if you have any questions.

A Customer vs. a Client

Every buyer or seller starts as a 'customer' with regards to agency relationships. At some point, most real estate professionals will recommend or ask the customer to become a 'client' by entering in to either an exclusive listing agreement (for home sellers) or an exclusive buyer's agency agreement (for home buyers). The point at which an agent asks for this varies with each agent. Some will want to see a commitment from customers before taking them out to see homes in person. Others will work with buyers as customers for a few showings so that they can develop a trusting relationship first. Some agents will work with home buyers as a 'facilitator' through the entire purchase process. Personally, I ask home buyers to consider the added services and benefits of being a client and recommend the exclusive agency agreement early on. This offers both parties a higher level of commitment from each other and shows that you are a serious buyer.

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